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TECK Financing, Inc

"The Nationwide Leader in Equipment Financing".

We are proud that TECK Financing, Inc has endured yet another economic storm. This economic storm this past year has been brutal on all business owners.
We want you to know we understand the difficulties right now, and also want you to know we feel your pain.
With the arrival of the New Year, we want to wish all of you a healthy, successful 2010!

In 2010, we will be here to support you with all your financing needs for you or your Custmers.
Our Manufacture & Dealer Finance Programs are the best in the business, supplying you with our famous 5 minute pre-approvals.
Our procedures have been fine tuned with our 25 years experience in the equipment finance world.
Along with our experience we will insure you with the most competitive rates and the fastest service possible.

  • For Express Applications over the phone call: 1-800-565-3884
  • For Online Applications use: Quick Quote or Apply Now

  • Equipment Lease Financing Programs Tailored To Your Specific Needs.
  • A-B-C Credit Programs for all Credit Types
  • Manufacturers Equipment Finance Programs
  • Dealer & Dealer Network Equipment Finance Programs
  • Financing Procedure Training Program
  • Co-op Marketing Programs
  • Brochure Support
  • Trade Show Support

Call 1-800-565-3884 Ask for Cheri at: Ext 252
or Email: with questions.

TECK Equipment Sales

"Quality Equipment You Can Trust!"

Current News:

We are proud to report that TECK Equipment Sales bas been designated as an authorized Windyne Sales Representative.
We will be working with Dealers, Fleets, and Customers direct in providing the best Aerodynamic Flex Fairings ever made.

  • Extends and retracts, adjusting to operational conditions allowing for optimal aerodynamics
  • Ensures significant fuel reduction under real driving conditions - 6.9% Fuel Savings
  • Provides patented horizontal adjusting and vertical retraction that does not interfere with standard operation
  • The Windyne Flex-Fairing will revolutionize the trucking industry as we know it
  • Please Call us today for Fleet Pricing
  • Financing with TECK Financing, Inc
  • TECK Equipment Sales, is your authorized Windyne Sales Representative

Call 1-800-565-3884 Ask for Cheri at: Ext 252
or Email: with questions.

AllEquipmentAuctions.con and

"TECK Financing, Inc, The Leader in Innovation!" "

Current News:

In 2010 we will kick off our two new Online Auctions!

Online Auctions are fast becoming one of the most popular and profitable ways to bring product awareness and sell your equipment to the marketplace 24 hours a day!
Now you have the ability to Browse, Auction, Buy, Sell, or open up a Store Front to sell your equipment with the ease and safety with All Equipment and Trucker'

All this for less than what it would cost you for one advertisement in one publication that would only last one month. Advertise and sell your equipment all year long 24 hours a day!

  • Visit us at: Visit us at:
  • Standard Auctions
  • Fixed Price
  • Reserve Price
  • Buy Now
  • Trades
  • Dutch Auctions
  • Reverse Auctions
  • Proxy Bidding
  • Classified Ads
  • Request for Quote

  • Use the Worldwide Web to bring your products to your customer 24 hours a day!

Call 1-800-565-3884 Ask for Cheri at: Ext 252
or Email: with questions.

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